202.5 - Individual Authority

School districts of the public education system in Iowa are governed by an elected board of directors of the school corporation.  The board operates as a corporate body, and only the board may make decisions regarding the education program and operations of the school district.   Only the board has the power to take action affecting the school district.

Individual board members exercise their authority as a board member when they vote to take action at a board meeting.  Individual board members, alone, have no authority to make decisions or take action to affect the management of the school district.   Without the consent of the board, an individual board member has no authority to act on behalf of the school district or the school board.

It shall be the responsibility of each board member and the superintendent to educate the public, the staff, and the students of the board member's authority to take action that affects the school district only when voting in a board meeting.



Approved:  7-1-92            
Reviewed:  01-10-94, 11-11-96, 11-09-98, 11-12-01, 11-08-04, 12-10-07, 12-12-11, 12-11-14                       
Revised:  11-08-21