301.2 - Administrative Team

The board considers all those who have a role in the recruitment or release of employees to be part of the management team.  The management team shall be headed by the superintendent.  The superintendent shall convene meetings to discuss school district policies, administrative procedures and other business brought to the superintendent's attention.

The management team shall meet with the board upon the board's request or superintendent recommendation to review overall operations of the school district and conditions affecting the management team.   It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent to arrange for regularly scheduled meetings and for the agenda of such meetings for the management team.



Approved:  7-1-92                 
Reviewed:  1-10-94, 12-9-96, 1-11-99, 1-14-02, 12-13-04, 4-14-08, 3-14-11, 7-13-15
Revised:  11-08-21