904.1 - Transporting Students in Private Vehicles

Generally, transporting students for school purposes is done in a vehicle owned by the school district and driven by a school vehicle driver.  Students may be transported in private vehicles for school purposes.  It is within the discretion of the superintendent to determine when this is appropriate.

Individuals transporting students for school district purposes in private vehicles must have the permission of the superintendent and meet all applicable requirements set by the school district.  Private vehicles will be used only when:

  • The vehicle used to transport the student(s) is in good condition and meets all applicable safety requirements;
  • The driver transporting the student(s) possesses a valid drivers’ license,, must not e subject to any driver’s license suspension, revocation, cancellation, denial or bar and have not committed an offense or act which, either alone or with previous offenses or acts, could result in license suspension, revocation, cancellation, denial or bar, and must be the owner of the vehicle or have the owner’s permission to operate the vehicle;
  • Proof of insurance has been supplied to the superintendent and the insurance satisfies the minimum coverage requirements for driving personal vehicles in the State of Iowa ; and
  • The parents of the student(s) to be transported have given permission to the superintendent. 

The school district assumes no responsibility for those students who have not received the approval of the superintendent and who ride in private vehicles for school purposes. If transportation is not provided by the school district, or if transportation provided by the school district is declined by the student or parent/guardian, then the responsibility and corresponding liability for transportation for school district purposes shall rest solely with the student and parent/guardian.

This policy statement applies to transportation of students for school district purposes in addition to transporting students to and from their designated attendance center.



Approved:  07-01-92 
Reviewed:  12-13-99, 12-09-02, 01-09-06, 02-05-09
Revised: 2-14-15, 8-14-17, 5-17-22